Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Is Finito

Laura and I have been having a wonderful time touring Africa and letting the folks there know that America will be doing all it can to fight AIDS and malaria in an effort to save the lives of millions of the poorest in that continent. It has been a rewarding time for us as we experience exotic cultures and meet fascinating people and so far, we’re loving every minute. More about that later.

Then I receive the news that Fidel Castro, the communist dictator from Cuba, has decided to resign after a long bout with illness. Normally, I’d be exuberant about such a momentous turn in the history of that country. But from what I’ve heard, Mr. Castro won’t be completely out of the picture. His brother, Raul Castro, a comparatively younger 78 years old, will take the reigns and will deliver more of the same.

So, this is a bittersweet moment It’s kind of like when all those Soviet leaders would drop like flies, only to be replaced by a new one. Just like those Russian dolls.

Actually, Laura informs me that Russian dolls aren’t a good analogy since they’re all contained one inside another. I tell you, the First Lady is one smart cookie. Being a former librarian, she really knows how to spot a bad analogy miles ahead of when I inadvertently blurt one out. That’s why I love my little Lolo (don’t tell her I let you in on that little tidbit).

The man’s been around forever, so it’s about time he step aside and perhaps, God willing, we can crack open the door even just a little to see some change in the right direction for Cuba. Democracy? A capitalist-style economy à la China? We can only hope.

Just saw myself dancing on CNN again during one of our visits with the tribal dancers. I really need to practice my moves. Yikes.