Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Lapse in Security

I’m under a bit of stress right now because the Democratic-run Congress has failed to follow suit with the Senate to extend the domestic surveillance program against terrorists.

Now, there’s this whole issue that the Democrats have been bringing up about privacy and civil rights and fears about the government abusing the system, as if we really were interested in finding out if some Molly from Boise is thinking of leaving her husband or that we’ll keep records on some other personal conversations among law-abiding citizens. That’s just completely false. The FBI and the CIA couldn’t care less about Molly, her marital problems, what she had for breakfast or other trivial matters that don’t concern national security. Unless Molly’s real name is Muamar Al-Baraqi and she’s got an IED stuffed in her bra, we’re not interested in monitoring regular citizens. We’re out there trying to catch terrorists.

I want to make it clear that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda don’t fight clean. They fight dirty. Real dirty. There is no time to call up a judge and get a tap cleared on a phone line. We need to act like yesterday. If we want to win this war on terror, we need the tools that let us get down in the mud and fight these maniacs on their level. And I ain’t talking about the fun kind of mud-fighting involving bikinis and such. This is serious business. America has no room to act all goody two shoes. We have to hit below the belt. Our surveillance program is a swift kick in the grapes to these bastards and I intend to do all I can to ensure we win (pardon my French).

Chase is recommending that I should try out some meditation and breathing exercises whenever I start to get stressed (like when the Democrats start pulling political moves like letting this program lapse). I’m not too sure, though. Sounds a little fruity to me.