Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Less Than One Year to Go

The past seven years have had their ups and downs. I don’t think there’s ever been a presidency that hasn’t had more than its fair share of challenges, especially in a second term. Bill Clinton had the Monica Lewinsky affair. Even the great Ronald Reagan with whom my dad served had to deal with Iran-Contra. And of course, we all know about Nixon.

Now, I’m not about to let history get the best of me. I can’t let the doom and gloom of the past affect me. I’m not thinking about legacy. The words ‘lame duck’ aren’t anywhere in my vocabulary (well, you could apply ‘lame’ to the Grammys, but that’s a whole other blog). I’m keeping myself on-track and will continue to serve out my term as best as I can for the American people, their prosperity and their security.

Now Chase has been a bit sheepish about suggesting that I may be carrying around some (I don’t know how to spell the word and I can’t find the dictionary on this thing) … well, let’s just say that he’s worried that I may have doubts about how history will judge my administration. But I don’t worry. “Chase,” I tell him, “you’re a good man and I appreciate your concern, but as long as I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be either.” And that’s that.

I have a country to run, and there’s no time to boo-hoo over bad press and low approval numbers. Heck. What does it say when I’m more popular than Congress? What did they get? Eleven percent? My guess is that root canal surgery is more popular than the House of Representatives. Root canal surgery AND watching the Grammys. Just sad.

In the immortal words of Eva Perrón: don’t cry for me, America.

God bless.