Sunday, February 10, 2008

McCain Is the Man

Or at least 95% of the way there.

Right on the heels of Super Tuesday, it’s looking like John is wrapping up the show. With Governor Romney bowing out, our guys only have a serious contender in Mike Huckabee. Ron Paul? Let’s not go there.

My good friend Chase has stressed to me the importance of laying it all out there, but I want to be careful about putting all my cards on the table given my position. But here goes.

Like most of my fellow Republicans, when I first saw the field of potential nominees, I was worried. Especially if you look at how energized the Democrats have been with their two front runners, the choices on our side are less than inspiring. Many have conceded that the odds are stacked against us.

I’m an optimist. This past Friday at CPAC, I did my best to encourage fellow conservatives to rally behind the nominee whoever that may turn out to be. I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out whom I was talking about.

I’m not stupid (contrary to popular belief) in knowing that John’ll be a tough sell. Heck, it’s not like John and I are golf buddies or anything, especially after whooping his butt during the primaries back in 2000 (I still don’t think he’s ever gotten past the blowup during the debates). But that’s politics. Tough cookies.

I will say this for John. He backs me on Iraq. I’m not ready to say that that’s enough to make me all fuzzy inside, but it’s a start.

I’ll have more to say about this later. But right now, Laura’s heated me up some cheddar tater tots and all I’ve had to eat since this morning was a handful of Tic Tacs from a Secret Service agent.

God bless.