Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democrats Dealing With Race

And I’m not talking about the nomination race. Turns out that the party claiming to be the most progressive on race issues is dealing with some issues right now in terms of race.

I admire Senator Obama. I think he’s a good man. But the one point that I agree with Senator Clinton—and let’s face it, I don’t often agree with Senator Clinton—is that he’s not ready to become Commander-in-Chief. But that’s besides the point.

The point is that the Democrats, and God bless ’em, have consistently criticized the Republicans for being out of touch with the African-American community. Set aside the fact that the entirety of the African continent loves me (to be immodest for a moment), I would stake my reputation as being the most African-American-friendly administration in history. Two, count ’em, two Secretaries of State, both African-American. My senior staff is a veritable rainbow of racial diversity.

You’ll excuse me for being a little emotional here, but I object to the portrayal of Republicans as racist and close-minded. We may have had a history that is less than exemplary when it comes down to racism, but that’s behind us now and we’ve moved forward.

Now the Democrats are falling all over themselves trying to repair rifts and stepping all over each other’s sensibilities as race has creeped into the campaigns as a major issue. It’s a shame. A real shame.

I want John McCain and the Republicans to gain an edge over our opponents, but not this way.