Monday, March 17, 2008

Way Back from Ghana

My critics say that I’m not generally the type of person you can expect an apology from. And they’d be right. As a leader, especially that of the free world, I cannot afford to demonstrate any kind of weakness. That’s just giving ammunition to the enemy. When it’s between my family and myself, that’s an entirely different story. Anyone who’s married, as I am, knows that. And especially when you’re the husband, you wind up apologizing for all kinds of offenses, including ones you aren’t aware of (am I right, fellas?).

So in a rare display of humility on my part, I apologize for not having kept this blog going. Lately I’ve been a bit on edge and Chase has been telling me that I haven’t taken the time to slow down and concentrate on my writing. While I was in Africa, I had trouble getting connected to the internet. As much progress as has gone on there, the satellite networks ain’t worth a dime. Now, understand, we have good communications with us at all times in case of some international emergency, but I didn’t want to use those resources for this weblog. So I fell out of touch and then I fell out of habit and the whole blogging thing sort of fell by the wayside.

But we’re back and better than ever.

One thing I took away from our visit to Ghana and the other African nations is how popular I am there. It is indeed remarkable. I only wish that I could get all those folks registered to vote back here in America. It’s a shame. Then the Democrats couldn’t criticize me for not attracting the black vote.

So yes. I am sorry. Chase let me have it. I don’t normally tolerate his brand of chastisement, but I’m cutting him some slack for my own personal reasons. So I will try to be a bit more faithful with these entries.

God bless.