Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blue Screen of Death

We’re enjoying our time here in the Ukraine. Viktor has been a gracious host. But I’m trying to politely stay away from the cabbage rolls because of the obvious side effects on my sensitive colon (if you know what I mean).

I’ve been forced to borrow someone else’s computer because of something that happened to my current laptop. I believe it’s a Dell Precision Mobile, something the guys in the White House IT gave me. Anyhoo, this thing is giving me major problems. I keep handing it to them to fix and they keep sending it back. I ain’t no technological wunderkind (that’s a fancy word for ‘expert’), so I’m leaving it up to the professionals. However, they keep getting stumped.

They keep apologizing and telling me they’ll get a new one, but I just use it mostly for blogging, so I don’t want them to sweat it too much.

Apparently, the last time I used my Dell, I got this blue screen. ‘Blue Screen of Death’, the IT guys call it. Sounds morbid, but I take it that’s a sure sign that my laptop is in bad shape. That may be a good excuse for me to drop this whole blogging thing, because it’s not easy to come up with something interesting to say everyday. I’m sure Chase will insist on me sticking with it. Being Commander-In-Chief just doesn’t mean what I’d like it to mean when deciding on what I feel like doing and what I ought to do. Just ask my wife. Commander-In-Chief don’t mean diddly at dinner time, I tell you. But God bless her, anyway.