Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy

Okay. So I’ve gotten some pretty nasty blowback about comments I made about Senator Obama’s foreign policy agenda. I wasn’t even completely aware of what I had said till a staffer pointed me to some YouTube clip of me while I was on Fox News Sunday.

Anyhoo, I was asked about Senator Obama and foreign policy and frankly, being the busy man that I am, I could only recall a couple of statements he made about Pakistan and Iran’s leader (I’m not even going to bother typing out his name, there’s probably twenty ways I could misspell it).

Could I have been too dismissive of the Senator’s limited foreign policy experience? It’s possible. My position is that this whole kerfuffle has been blown out of proportion, though. But if I got his positions wrong, well, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m all about the facts. ‘Factual Dubya’ they called me back at Yale. Well, actually they didn’t, but they would have, because I’m all about the facts.

And the fact is that Senator Obama, as brilliant and as inspirational a speaker that he is, he just hasn’t been around the block long enough to have any idea how to deal with people like these guys. At best, he is naive. And that can spell trouble for America’s foreign policy.

Let me make it clear. I respect the Senator. Just the idea of an African-American rising to the position that he’s in shows that America’s moved forward in defeating a great deal of this country’s racist past. I am proud to see that happening in my lifetime. But we can’t afford inexperienced judgement when it comes to the War on Terror in this post 9/11 world.

Chase has just reminded me that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Laura’ll kill me if I wind up empty-handed. Don’t wanna go there.