Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The McCain Advantage and Computer Viruses

Actually, one doesn’t have to do with the other.

Some folks at the New York Times have observed that my good friend and de facto Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, now has the advantage of time because he’s a bit off the public radar while the Democrats continue to fight amongst themselves. The whole kerfuffle they’re involved in makes the GOP look like we’ve got our whole mojo going on by comparislon.

McCain should take advantage of this downtime while the press is focused on Senators Clinton and Obama to strategize (thank goodness for spell-checkers, otherwise I would never have been able to get that word out).

John, you’re not the sharpest campaigner, with all due respect, and you need to hold it together. Too much of that infamous bluster of yours and you could just blow it. And I’m saying this as a friend. And friends are honest with each other. We’re all gunning for you here, but if you sabotage this single-handedly, you’re on your own.

On an unrelated note, my computer is suffering from some serious viruses. I have some White House IT folks taking a look at it, but they seem stumped. They’re even suggesting getting a new computer altogether. Just as long as I can keep this blogging thing going, I’ll be fine with whatever solution they come up with.

This is one big reason I don’t like computers much. Oh well. La vida loca, y’all.