Thursday, January 18, 2018

Miss Me?

Self-portrait by yours truly. Maybe you all’ve been wondering, “Hey, W. Where you been at?” (At least, that’s what I imagine you sounding like.) Well, let me tell you. Mostly I’ve been chilling. (I think Jenna taught me that expression. Do kids these days still say that?) I’ve even taken up painting. I always knew I had a creative side and I’ve finally had the time to explore that part of me. Now, I know not everybody has taken a fondness to my works. But I think all considered, I’m pretty proud of my art. Come to think of it, my current pastime of painting ain’t that much different from my time being President. Not a whole lot of folk thought much of what I’d done, but their criticism never really bothered me. Still doesn’t. Just rolls off my back like the proverbial goose that got into the pond. I did notice, though, that it did soften my image around the edges somewhat in some circles. Some folk thought the contrast between my stubborn resolve as Commander-In-Chief and my ‘child-like’ art (their words, not mine) left them with a very different impression. Now, I don’t know about pegging my paintings as ‘infantile’, especially my earlier works, really applies. In fact, I think I’ve gotten better over time. At least Laura thinks so. (She is my muse, after all.) But the whole reveal of my creative side has at least served me well to show that I’m not just a caricature of a public personality. That I have multiple facets. I am a human being, not just a political creature. But now I feel like I need to put down my brush and pick up my laptop and start a discussion about what’s happening in the world today. I have a few things to say about the state of our democracy because what we are currently witnessing ain’t exactly kosher and I feel a responsibility as a former leader with some experience to glean from to say my piece. Watch this space. In the meantime, I gotta finish up some happy little trees. Love those happy little trees. W